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Gemini Crafting Machine,Cutting Embossing,Compatible Replacement Plates


Gemini Crafting Machine,Cutting Embossing,Compatible Replacement Plates

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The new latest 2016 Gemini machine, the only thing that’s lets it down are the original plates

We have created a fantastic new complete set of compatible plates, which we feel work better than the originals.

We have had our team playing with this machine and working it to the limits to come up with this complete new set of plates which has solved the problems with the original plates

In this set you will receive 1x 4mm tinted base plate ( light bronze tint) 1x 3mm cutting plate (clear ) 1x 2mm shim (clear) 1x 4mm embossing plate, (clear)

We have found that with a little bit of time playing you can come up with the perfect combination for your needs

All plates are interchangeable


Depending on the make of the cutting dies you are using, the 3mm cutting plate works very will with our base plate. If you need the extra 1mm you can use the 4 mm embossing plate, for the perfect finish.


Using our base plate, and 4mm embossing plate will give you great results. If you need to you can use the 3mm cutting plate if you are embossing with thick card.


Using the shim will give you 2mm of extra thickness if needed .

Using your new complete set allows you to create the perfect sandwich.  All it will take is a short time for you to create your own perfect combination that works for you 


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